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(Dub) 4 : A Creeping Madness

(Dub) 4 : A Creeping Madness --->>>

Connecticut's COVID-19 case count is rising, like almost every other state, with its seven-day moving average of positive cases coming in at 3.9% (1,754 new positives statewide) as of Wednesday according to the COVID Tracking Project. For perspective: Connecticut's peak was a drastic 39.3% in early May. Connecticut's rate is creeping up but remains less than half the national seven-day moving average (8.7%) as of Wednesday. The number has been steadily climbing nationally since early October and signs are pointing to it only getting worse. In college football, five games featuring AP Top 25 teams have been called off for this weekend, four involving SEC teams.

In the Mouth of Madness has some serious logic jumps and editing and pacing issues that could come off as sloppy. I simply disagree. In the Mouth of Madness seems bent on creeping out the viewer scaring them at every turn constantly leaving them guessing.

Horror is an often criticized genre, and one that is constantly under the threat of censorship. Carpenter seems to believe that the power he holds is stronger than most censorship targets believe it to be. The whole film seems like a meditation on his sick images being able to reach beyond visceral entertainment, and the ultimate resolution is too destroy the medium that causes madness. It is more likely a postmodern look at the argument that horror causes real world issues, and the real resolution is to not get confused between reality and fantasy.

Ina sense, Murnau's film is about all of the things we worry about at 3 in themorning--cancer, war, disease, madness. It suggests these dark fears in thevery style of its visuals. Much of the film is shot in shadow. The corners ofthe screen are used more than is ordinary; characters lurk or cower there, andit's a rule of composition that tension is created when the subject of a shotis removed from the center of the frame. Murnau's special effects add to thedisquieting atmosphere: the fast motion of Orlok's servant, the disappearanceof the phantom coach, the manifestation of the count out of thin air, the useof a photographic negative to give us white trees against a black sky.

Wondrous, Lord, of whom I am the first! Great Creator! Thou art wonderand beauty all. Sweet are thy dreams! Sweet thy madness! Sweet am I! Butsleep no more, Lord! Dream on. It is sweet to be worshiped so! I wouldbe worshiped! I would be worshiped! 781b155fdc


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