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Chitra In Nair Studio Tamil Users Choicel WORK

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Chitra In Nair Studio Tamil Users Choicel

Chitra's Studio: An Art Gallery for Tamil Users

Chitra Nair is a talented artist who runs a studio in Somajiguda, Hyderabad. Her studio showcases her work of paintings, sculptures, and installations that reflect her passion for Tamil culture and heritage. Chitra's studio is a popular destination for Tamil users who want to enjoy and appreciate art that speaks to their identity and history.

In this article, we will explore some of the features and attractions of Chitra's studio, and why it is a choice destination for Tamil art lovers.

The Inspiration behind Chitra's Studio

Chitra Nair was born and raised in Puducherry, a former French colony that has a large Tamil population. She grew up surrounded by the rich and diverse culture of Tamil Nadu, which influenced her artistic vision and style. She studied fine arts at the Government College of Arts and Crafts in Chennai, where she honed her skills and developed her own unique expression.

Chitra moved to Hyderabad in 2020, where she opened her own studio in Somajiguda, a posh locality that has many corporate offices and shopping malls. She wanted to create a space where she could display her work and interact with her audience. She also wanted to promote Tamil art and culture in a city that is dominated by Telugu and Urdu speakers.

Chitra's studio is named after her mother, who was also an artist and encouraged her to pursue her passion. Chitra says that her mother was her first teacher and mentor, who taught her the basics of drawing, painting, and sculpting. She also introduced her to the rich literature, music, and cinema of Tamil Nadu, which inspired her to explore various themes and genres in her work.

The Highlights of Chitra's Studio

Chitra's studio is a spacious and well-lit gallery that can accommodate up to 50 visitors at a time. The studio has three sections: one for paintings, one for sculptures, and one for installations. Each section has a different theme and mood, ranging from realistic to abstract, from traditional to contemporary, from serene to provocative.

Some of the paintings that Chitra has displayed in her studio include:

A series of portraits of famous Tamil personalities, such as Bharathiyar, MGR, Rajinikanth, AR Rahman, Kamal Haasan, etc.

A series of landscapes depicting the natural beauty of Tamil Nadu, such as the Marina Beach, the Nilgiri Hills, the Kodaikanal Lake, etc.

A series of abstract paintings inspired by the colors, shapes, and symbols of Tamil culture, such as the kolam, the lotus, the peacock feather, etc.

Some of the sculptures that Chitra has created for her studio include:

A bronze statue of Thiruvalluvar, the legendary poet and philosopher who wrote the Thirukkural.

A clay model of a typical Tamil village scene, with houses, temples, fields, animals, and people.

A wood carving of a veena, a traditional musical instrument that is associated with Saraswati, the goddess of learning and arts.

Some of the installations that Chitra has designed for her studio include:

A giant mural of the Tamil script on one wall of the studio.

A collage of posters and flyers from various Tamil movies and events on another wall of the studio.

A video projection of clips from various Tamil songs and dances on the ceiling of the studio.

The Appeal of Chitra's Studio

Chitra's studio is a place where Tamil users can find a sense of belonging and pride. They can admire the work of a fellow Tamil artist who celebrates their culture and heritage. They can also learn more about the history and diversity of Tamil Nadu through the various artworks that depict different aspects of its society and geography. They can also interact with other Tamil users who share their interests and opinions on art and culture.

Chitra's studio is also a place where non-Tamil users can a474f39169


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