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561 : A Massive Confused Fight! The Straw Hats ... LINK

Meanwhile, the Minister of the Right has recovered and reaches the plaza where the battle between the Straw Hats plus Jinbe and the New Fishman Pirates continue. He has brought up to speed on whats going on (and is thoroughly taken aback upon hearing of the Straw Hats feats of strength) and orders his guards to help restrain Wadatsumi which will leave them with just the pirates to deal with. Stating they will lose face if they did nothing to help the pirates who willingly took the blame for their false accusations. He also order the citizens to evacuate but they refuse as they do not want to leave behind the people who were helping them, stating they are putting their fate in the Straw Hats. The Minister to the Right understands and tells them to do what they feel is right before rushing off to join the fight. The pirates spot the Ammo-Guards and rush to fight them. Among which is Hammond whose being carried by the human slaves in what he calls the "Slave Tank". One of the slave drops from exhaustion, Hammond just tells him to drag him along and replace him. Robin takes note of this and comments on the cruelty of it.[55]

561 : A Massive Confused Fight! The Straw Hats ...

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@acegamer- i totally agree with you this plan thing is all a setup so that the strawhat crew come in to jion the fight. the power of the fight has definitevly shifted towards the marines, meaning that whitebeard and co need a definate boost in power. 041b061a72


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