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To curb the spread of COVID-19, the New York State Department of Health has imposed restrictions on international travel. You can read the order on travel, quarantine, and testing at -19-travel-advisory. We will not allow anyone to participate in a session who does not comply with the order. If you will be traveling internationally in the near future, please contact us at BEFORE signing up for or arriving at a session.



Trapeze School New York is dedicated to making flying trapeze and aerial arts available to anyone who seeks inspiration, challenge, fitness or just a couple hours of unique fun. Our mission is to create a safe, fun, challenging environment where our students strive to surpass limitations and more richly enjoy their lives.

All Day Circus Experiences give students the opportunity to run away with the circus and still be home in time for dinner! From 10am to 4pm, they try flying trapeze, trampoline, aerial acts, tightwire, juggling, and more. Our instructors meet each of the students at their own level - so whether they are an experienced flyer or brand new to the sport, each child will be challenged to comfortably step outside their comfort zone in a supportive environment.

In our efforts to keep quality high and cost down, the TSNY Los Angeles office is only open during class hours. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at and we'll get back to you the next time we are open.

We surprised our daughter with a trapeze class on the Santa Monica Pier. While hesitant at first, she eventually gave it a go and by the end of the 90 minutes declared she wanted to take lessons back... Full Review

Even the smallest clients can challenge their skills with our Wee Trapeze Bar swing. It is shorter and has a smaller diameter than the other trapeze bars. Smaller hands find the 1"dia., non-turning bar easier to grasp. Includes (1) Safety Snap.

The rig is located out of doors, and does not operate during rain or high winds. You may wish to wear sunblock on your face, but please avoid sunscreen on your arms and hands, as it can interfere with achieving a firm grip on the trapeze.

Your kids will always have a swinging good time when you have the Gorilla Playsets Outing w/ Trapeze Bar Swing Set in the yard! They can spend hours on the Alpine Wave slide, trapeze bars, or the rock wall. Outside play has just gone into overtime. Order yours today!

Not only fun, our trapeze is a surprisingly good core and arm workout as well. Build your confidence, defy gravity, and perform acrobatic feats on this attraction. Gather your friends and see who can hang on the longest or get across the fastest.

Delaney began her circus career in 2004 at the National Institue of Circus Arts in Melbourne. She went on to join the UK's largest touring contemporary circus company, NoFitState. Over eight years she performed swinging and flying trapeze, hula hoops, fire, acrobatics, trampolining, rollerskating and more. Delaney also spent two years with Cie Oncore's flying trapeze show "Une Drole de Maison."

Delaney spent 2014 as NoFitState's head trainer, working fulltime on their community and youth circus program where she began writing a three-year curriculum for school age children. In 2015, she founded The Circus Studio, where she teaches trapeze arts to children and adults.

Let your kids fly away with the Circus!Contact us about dropping into one of the flying trapeze session class. This will give your child an opportunity to fly with other children of similar age and see what we are all about. Pick one of the sessions below for times. Availability dependent on class size. Single Drop In 1 Hour class $35.

We're not much for celebrity fitness trends. Most are usually just an excuse to burn as few calories as possible while showing off your Lycra-clad goods. So we were skeptical when we heard trapeze workouts are soaring (so to speak) in popularity. Pink is a fan -- the pop star trained at Trapeze School New York (TSNY) in Los Angeles before her 2009-2010 Funhouse tour. And Reese Witherspoon enrolled at Cirque School LA in Hollywood to prep for her role as a Depression-era trapeze artist in "Water for Elephants", which hit theaters last week.

"[Trapeze instructors] protect you. They make sure you're safe," Witherspoon told "Entertainment Tonight" recently. "But I like to push the limits. I was always sort of a tomboy, so I'm having fun tumbling around and swinging on a trapeze."

Turns out, swinging from the rafters can be an amazing cross-training option, especially for runners and cyclists, who are so focused on their lower bodies, according to TSNY instructor Ryan Riggs. Unlike many of the popular group fitness classes such as spinning, kickboxing and Zumba, which are typically focused on the lower body and cardio, trapeze is mostly about the core and upper body. It's also good for teaching timing, body control and air awareness, which are important tools in any sport -- and really helpful for things like catching yourself the next time you trip over a curb.

"One of the benefits of trapeze training is that it can transform multiple muscle groups simultaneously," said Aloysia Gavre, the co-director and co-founder of Cirque School LA. "Yes, your upper body needs to be strong, but if you don't have a solid and reliable core there's nothing to support what those arms are doing. Likewise, in aerial arts the glutes, lower back and adductors are always activated, so without a toned booty and inner thighs an aerialist cannot stay safely upon their equipment, especially when upside down!"

Aside from the physical benefits, trapeze is a challenging mental workout. Even though you're wearing a secure safety harness, you still have to be willing to climb a ladder and jump from a two-story-tall platform.

The first trick you learn in trapeze is called a knee hang. For a good homemade option and a serious abdominal workout, try a static knee hang on a pull-up bar. While hanging from the bar by your hands, use your abs to pull your knees into your chest -- legs and feet together, toes pointed -- and then drop your head back to bring your legs over your head. Bring your legs through your arms and wrap them over the bar so the bar is sitting directly behind your knees. (Wearing long pants is a smart move for this exercise.) Once your legs are wrapped securely around the bar, let go with your hands and grip the bar with your legs. Hang there for a second or so. You can get fancy by adding some upside-down crunches while hanging from your knees.

Let me just start off by saying that I'm very afraid of heights. I cannot think of a better or more fun way to conquer this personal demon than by trusting the wonderful people at this super fun place! Shane, Spencer and Miley made me feel so safe and are such supportive teachers that I found myself - on a lovely Sunday afternoon - swinging on a trapeze, high in the air. Zero pressure, 100% support and whatever your comfort level is they'll match with their expertise and supportive instructions. Highly recommend this experience!

The nVent CADDY Conduit Trapeze (CCT) is a fast and cost-effective method for installing a wide range of conduit in overhead trapeze installations. The CCT series eliminates the need for traditional fasteners, reducing installation time and material cost. The modular design makes it simple to expand and combine multiple sizes of conduit, making nVent CADDY Conduit Trapeze an ideal solution for contractors looking to maximize installation efficiency.

TSNY Washington DC is dedicated to making flying trapeze available to anyone who seeks inspiration, challenge, fitness or just a couple hours of unique fun. Our mission every day is to create a safe, fun, challenging environment where our students strive to surpass limitations and more richly enjoy their lives.

Professional trapeze and aerial artists teach your camper to gracefully swing their way through blue skies on 2 full-size trapeze rigs nestled in our beautiful forest surroundings. Campers gain confidence, develop strength, flexibility and balance. They learn to trust new abilities, such as hanging, flying, catching and more! 041b061a72


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