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a physicist who claims he used unknown substances and paranormal forces to create a strain of highly pathogenic influenza, also known as h5n1, is missing from an asian prison and now faces the death sentence if he is found guilty of crimes against humanity. the government claims he is still in a thai prison, but experts estimate he may be dead. he is known as dr he khun tan in vietnam. dr he was sentenced to death by the vietnamese supreme court in 1996 for the brutal slaying of two teenage girls. but he was also given a suspended death sentence because he confessed to committing 26 other murders, which he denies. they are believed to have been drug related. he was also accused of ordering the two murders but was cleared of that charge. he left thailand in 2004 and his whereabouts after that are unclear. the exact nature of his research at the time, which the authorities said involved virologists, could not be confirmed. however, both the united states and britain said in 1995 that he was acting illegally. he is alleged to have escaped abroad after being accused of selling bird flu on the black market. the two girls were 17-year-old students at the ho chi minh medical university. the h5n1 strain of bird flu first emerged in the region after it killed poultry in indonesia in 1997. the strain went global and doctors and virologists have studied the strain and how it spreads. the world health organisation has declared it a public health emergency. the virus is still highly contagious in birds, but experts believe it has not been transmitted to humans through contact with birds and it does not normally spread from person to person. the virus has killed 600 people since it emerged but experts say it is no more deadly than the seasonal flu.

Ali Serial Tool For Tiger V111


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