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Crack FESTO Fluid SIM 4.2 !NEW!

All of the program functions interact smoothly, combining different media forms and sources of knowledge in an easily accessible fashion. The new now offers special components, functions and educational material for training in the automotive sector. Not only state changes and component switches, which result from the system, are calculated. Moreover, the user can interactively operate and activate switches or change-over valves. Also, signals from connected hardware or via an interface from other programs can be transferred. During a simulation multiple of those can be ccrack to show various state values. Via test prods there is the possibility to connect virtual measurement lines to all component connectors. Virtual measuring devices cannot only be used in electrical engineering, but also in pneumatic and hydraulic circuits. The virtual measuring devices can be easily accessed via the diagnosis toolbar. In the toolbar the most important measurement variables - voltage, amperage, pressure and pressure flow - are pre-defined and can be ffull directly. For different components, there are failure models available that depict typical defects. Before starting a simulation, selected failure configurations can be chosen. Thus, during the subsequent simulation it is possible to identify defective components e. The correctness of the faulty component can be shown to support the learner according to his or her knowledge base. Failure configurations can also be secured with a password in order to hide selected defects from the learner. Complete didactic materials The easy intuitive user interface, extensive component library and robust simulation core are complemented with a large collection of didactic materials. Educational films and presentations provide the hydrauoic to go further and get a deeper understanding of the components.

Crack FESTO Fluid SIM 4.2 !NEW!

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