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Escape From Mos Shuuta Pdf 17

  • Star Wars: Edge of the EmpireBeginner GameAttribution informationAuthor(s)Sterling HersheyGame Master chapter (beta test)[1]

  • Editor(s)Jay Little

  • Sam Stewart

  • Andrew Fischer

  • Tim Flanders

  • Cover artist(s)J. P. TargeteIllustrator(s)Even Amundsen

  • Jared Blando

  • Sidharth Chaturvedi

  • Stacey Diana Clark

  • Alexandre Dainche

  • Jason Edmiston

  • Jacob Murray

  • Mike Nash

  • William O'Connor

  • Adam Schumpert

  • Chris Trevas

  • Magali Villeneuve

  • Christer Wibert

  • Publication informationPublisherFantasy Flight GamesRelease dateDecember 14, 2012 ("The Long Arm of the Hutt")[2]

  • December 17, 2012 (Full game)[2]

  • TypeRoleplaying game kit

  • Introduction pamphletSoftcover rulebook

  • Softcover adventure bookEscape from Mos Shuuta

  • Adventure book (PDF)The Long Arm of the Hutt

  • Full-color character folios (4)41-VEX the Droid Colonist

  • Lowhhrick the Wookiee Hired Gun

  • Oskara the Twi'lek Bounty Hunter

  • Pash the Human Smuggler

  • Full-color character folios (2) (PDF)Mathus the Technician

  • Sasha the Explorer

  • Full-color double-sided foldout map

  • Narrative dice (14)

  • Destiny tokens (8)

  • Character tokens (35)

  • Vehicle tokens (5)

  • Pages4-page introduction pamphlet48-page rulebook

  • 32-page adventure book

  • Download instruction sheet

  • 46-page adventure book (PDF)

  • 8-page character folios (4)

  • 8-page character folios (2) (PDF)

Dimensions11.4 8.8 2.1 inchesWeight1.6 poundsISBN9781616615932General informationGenre(s)Roleplaying gameIssue number(s)SWE01CanonC-canonSeriesStar Wars: Edge of the Empire[Source]The Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game is a book and roleplaying adventure for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. It is published by Fantasy Flight Games. A bonus adventure to the Edge of the Empire Beginner Game, titled "The Long Arm of the Hutt," was first available to players as a free download on December 14, 2012, while the full game arrived in stores on December 17.

Escape From Mos Shuuta Pdf 17

Download File:

You are about to embark upon an exciting journey throughthe Star Wars universe, living by your wits and your skillwith a blaster, one step ahead of the Empire and the worstexamples of the criminal element. Escape from Mos Shuuta is an adventure which has been converted for the SW5e roleplaying system.

This adventure is designed for four level 1 characters, but can be adjusted for parties of a different size. The players will need to create their characters or choose from among the pre-generated characters prior to starting the adventure. The player characters have all worked for Teemo the Hutt in the past, but are now in trouble with him and need to escape. If the players are using pre-generated characters, their included backstories explain what jobs they used to do for Teemo, and why they're trying to escape. If the players have created their own characters, work with them to determine these details for their characters so that they can fit into the adventure.

This adventure takes place in Mos Shuuta, a small city onthe desert world of Tatooine. Mos Shuuta is situated onthe top of a tall, rocky bluff, with nothing but endless desertin every direction around it. As the story begins. the PCsare attempting to escape the servants of the ruler of MosShuuta, Teemo the Hutt. Each of the PCs is in trouble withTeemo the Hutt for one reason or another. The only way to get off the planetand escape Teemo the Hutt is to steal a ship and fly tosafety. Fortunately, they'll get a chance to do exactly that,by stealing a ship called the Krayt Fang from a Trandoshannamed Trex.

In between encounters, the GM may have to improvisethe transitions. These transitions can be as simple as "Youall walk from the cantina to the junk shop," or as complexas small sub-encounters in their own right. They're also agreat opportunity to mix in some of the color and variety ofStar Wars.

On the desert world of TATOOINE, a few such renegades have run afoul of a local crime boss, TEEMOTHE HUTT. Trapped in the tiny spaceport of MosShuuta, the renegades have no choice but to steala starship and flee Teemo's forces. Fortunately, asuitable starship has recently docked at the landingbay: a freighter called the KRAYT FANG, captainedby a Trandoshan slaver named Trex. As they fleethrough the suns-baked streets, the renegades duckinto the local cantina to hide from their pursuers....

Each hero now suffers 2 damage to represent his or her exhaustion from running through the desert heat of Tatooine.Instruct each hero player to subtract 2 hitpoints in the appropriateplace on his or her character sheet. If a character ever suffers more damage than his or her hitpoint total, the character collapses unconscious. The PCs will have opportunities torecover hitpoints in the future.

You step down a short flight of stairs into thecantina's shadowy common room, the cool air ablessed relief from the scorching heat of Tatooine.The Devaronian bartender pauses in his chores tostare at you, his devilish features intimidating. On astage against the far wall, a Twi'lek woman dancesto recorded music. Private booths line the walls,and the cantina floor is scattered with tables andchairs. A few patrons turn in their seats to stare atyou. The only other exits you see from the room arewhat looks to be a storage closet in one corner anda doorway behind the Twi'lek dancer. The archedroof above you is supported by thick, heavy struts.You only have a few moments to find a hiding placebefore Teemo's thugs arrive. What do you do?

Advantage and disadvantage reflect circumstantial modifiers to the chances of success or failure of a task. In combat, characters gain advantage on attack rolls against targets they are hidden from and disadvantage on attack rolls against targets hidden from them. There are many, many additional reasons why advantage or disadvantage may be added to an ability check, and this is a good time to learn more about it.

There are two basic strategies the PCs can use here: stealthand violence. If the PCs use stealth, then pilfering the itemwithout Vorn noticing will require a Dexterity (Sleight of Hand)check vs. Vorn's passive Perception. If the PCs choose violence,then they must begin a combat encounter against Vorn. Vorn will not be expecting a fight, and he will have disadvantage on his initiative check. His droid simply flees from combat.

The PCs may wish to purchase something else from Vorn.He doesn't have any weapons or armor for sale, but the PCsmay purchase medpacs or repair kitsfrom him for 25 credits each. Vorn has only4 medpacs and 3 repairkits on-hand.

However, you can also choose to do away with experience points entirely and control the rate of character advancement. This method of character advancement is sometimes known as milestone leveling. If you choose to use this method, the PCs will level up to level 2 once they reach the end of the Escape from Mos Shuuta adventure. It is recommended that you use this method if you are planning to run the follow-up adventure, The Long Arm of the Hutt.

The stormtroopers answer to an Imperial officer who hasarrived on the Lambda-class shuttle, Lieutenant Herkin. Herkin has some (not entirely legal) connections to Teemo theHutt and has placed his stormtroopers at Teemo's disposal,so the stormtroopers are now also looking for the PCs. Thestormtroopers break into three-man teams and spread outthrough Mos Shuuta, interviewing locals and looking aroundon the streets. When they catch up to the PCs, the stormtroopers immediately call for help from another nearbytrooper team. When the PCs encounter the stormtroopers,read or paraphrase the following:

Suddenly, the crowds thronging the streets of thesettlement part and you see a chilling sight: threesoldiers in the white armor of the Empire's elite -stormtroopers! As you see them, you realize thelead trooper is pointing right at you. You hear hisvoice break through the crowd, sounding mechanicalthrough his armor's speakers. "There they are," thestormtrooper says "Get them!" As you turn to escape, you see a second group of three stormtroopersapproaching down a side street. This could get tricky.

There's a side entrance to the hangar, which is locked. Opening the lock is a DC 15 Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) or Intelligence (Technology) check. If the PCs fail on this check, one of the securitydroids from the entrance comes to see what they're doing.Once the lock is opened, there's no way to sneak past thedroids at the foot of the loading ramp, but a Dexterity (Stealth) checkopposed by the droids' passive Perception can let the PCs sneakup to the front door and close and lock it from the inside, sothe first two security droids can't come to Trex's aid.

Suddenly, an alert klaxon blares! As you leaveTatooine's atmosphere, several spherical starfighterswith distinctive hexagonal wing assemblies appearon the ship's scanners, screaming in on an interceptcourse - TIE fighters! The starfighters shoot past, laser cannons blazing, and sparks fly from a console inthe cockpit - you've been hit! You're not clear of theplanet's gravity well yet and can't jump to light speedwithout the hyperspace reactor igniter installed.You'll have to deal with these TIE fighters first.

The TIE fighters are 1,000 feet fromthe Krayt Fang. There are four TIE fighters. The TIEfighters act in wings of two fighters each. The PCs will have toshoot down all the TIE fighters or survive until the hypermatter reactor is warmed up (about six rounds after the igniteris installed) and escape. Once they have done so, they havefinished the adventure!

Just across the alley from Vorn's Junk Shop is the OffworldTrader's, marked by a rusty old stylized rocket ship. Bengara,the male Twi'lek proprietor, specializes in fine goods fromoffworld, including luxurious clothing, exotic art objects,and difficult-to-find foodstuffs and spices. In short,Offworld Trader's has anything one could want, but absolutely nothing useful, and always at too high a price.


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