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The Color of Water opens with the words of the narrator James's mother Ruth, who describes her early life with her family. Born with the Jewish name Ruchel Dwarja Aylska on April 1, 1921, Ruth was born into a Polish Orthodox Jewish family. Ruth explains that she has become, in her words, "dead" to her family as a result of her marriage to Andrew Dennis McBride, James's African-American father. Ruth describes her father, Tateh, (the Yiddish word for father). Tateh was an Orthodox rabbi named Fishel Shilsky. Ruth says he was as "hard as a rock." Her sweet-tempered mother, Hudis Shilsky, or Mameh to Ruth, wed Tateh in an arranged marriage. Mamah never felt love or affection from Tateh. Mameh was mild and meek, in part as a result of polio, from which she suffered her entire life.

In Love with Daddy

Well my father is a really active 70 year old man who smoked his pretty much entire life. Other than that he has a healthy lifestyle, decent weight, still working as an attorney, lover of his family with multiple dreams and projects to accomplish.

My mother in law Linda was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer two years ago. First, it started small in one lung and she was still able to do many of that things she loved to do, go shopping, hang out with her family, visit the beach etc. After abou

My mom and sister passed away with COPD. My mom has been gone for 34 years and Jeannie 2 years. I love and miss them very much. I also take care of the lady next door to me - she and my brother in law walked with me at the LUNG FORCE Walk.

As a Registered Respiratory Therapist and Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist, I have worked with many lung cancer patients. I have seen many lives cut short by the ravages of lung cancer, including my own beloved Grandfather who had survived WWII

My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer in June of this year. We had no idea that she was sick until she was really down. She has been through chemo and radiation and is still fighting. As my mom says she has on her boxing gloves!

My wife Helen and I always "clicked" throughout our 30 years of marriage. She was the love of my life and my very best friend. Together, we have two children. Helen was diagnosed with non-smoker's lung cancer on June 12th, 2013.

Legendaddy (stylized in all caps) is the seventh and final studio album by Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee, released on March 24, 2022 by El Cartel Records, Universal Music Group and Republic Records. Published 10 years after his previous studio album, Legendaddy is Daddy Yankee's last record, as he announced that he would retire from music after the end of his farewell concert tour, La Última Vuelta, in January 2023. He decided to retire while working on the album, as he felt accomplished and wanted to enjoy everything he had achieved with his career. It is his first and only album released directly under Universal, rather than its Latin division, after signing a multimillionaire global distribution deal in 2020.

Daddy Yankee described its themes as "fight, party, war and romance." Musically, Legendaddy is primarily a reggaeton record that incorporates trap and elements of salsa, bachata, cumbia, dembow and electronic dance music. He co-wrote and co-produced all 19 tracks, for which he recruited producers including Play-N-Skillz, Dímelo Flow, Luny, Tainy, and Chris Jeday. It features collaborations with Bad Bunny, Becky G, El Alfa, Lil Jon, Michael Buffer, Myke Towers, Natti Natasha, Nile Rodgers, Rauw Alejandro, Pitbull, and Sech. The album received mostly positive reviews from music critics, who referred to it as a good send-off for his retirement, although some of its tracks were criticized. It was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Música Urbana Album, while the single "Agua" garnered him a Latin Grammy Award for Song of the Year nomination.

Eight singles were released from the record, of which the Bad Bunny-featured "X Última Vez" peaked at number 23 on the Billboard Global 200 and within the top 10 in 10 Latin American countries, while "Remix" and "Rumbatón" reached number one in Daddy Yankee's native Puerto Rico; the former was the most-played radio song of the year in the country. Legendaddy became his highest-peaking album in Spain, at number two; the United States, at eight; Switzerland, at 17; and Canada, at 78. It subsequently received a Latin platinum and gold certification in the United States and Spain, respectively.

Daddy Yankee described the album's themes as "fight, party, war and romance," while The New York Times also added "self-mythologizing".[31][32][33] Primarily a reggaeton record, both old-school and contemporary, Legendaddy also incorporates trap and elements of salsa, bachata, cumbia, dembow and electronic dance music.[14][34][35][36][37] Daddy Yankee co-wrote all lyrics with each track's respective guest features and producers.[38] Puerto Rican urban acts Pusho and Justin Quiles co-wrote four and two songs, respectively.[38] The 48-second intro is voiced by American ring announcer Michael Buffer, who presents Daddy Yankee as a "heavyweight champion with an undefeated record of 32 years".[39] It is followed by "Campeón", an "electro-tinted reggaeton" track in which the rapper summarizes his trajectory, describes himself as a legend and expresses that he can retire as an unbeaten champion.[34][36][40] He wrote it thinking about his childhood in poverty and the children that now are in the same situation he lived through.[24] He wanted listeners to "identify with him because every human being has a champion inside and the time will come in which they will be able to get it out."[24]

"Truquito" is a 26-second skit featuring a 1993 recording from late American salsa singer Frankie Ruiz that serves as a prelude to the following track, "El Abusador del Abusador", an uplifting reggaeton and salsa fusion with lyrics about being humble while also knowing one's worth.[14][54] "Enchuletiao'" is a trap song in which he talks about "his unrivaled eminence in the genre".[33][40][53] The next song, "Agua", is a "1980s-inspired dance" track that features vocals by Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro and electric guitar funk riffs by American guitarist and producer Nile Rodgers.[14] "Zona del Perreo" is a contemporary reggaeton song that features Dominican singer Natti Natasha and American singer Becky G.[35][53] "Hot" features Cuban-American rapper Pitbull and is an "EDM fusion" that uses the beat from "Trompeta y Guaracha" (2019) by Mexican disc jockey DJ Morphius and American production duo Muzik Junkies.[1][33][38] "La Ola" is an "old-school infectious perreo" with flirtatious and repetitive lyrics about joining a party.[14] "Bombón" is a dembow track that features Dominican rapper El Alfa and American crunk act Lil Jon.[35][36] "El Rey de lo Imperfecto" is a romantic "urban-infused cumbia song" about an imperfect man "promising to unconditionally love a person through her own insecurities and drama."[14][36] It is followed by "Impares", a heartbreak song with a "heavy reggaeton beat" about an incompatible couple.[36] The album closes with "Bloke", a reggaeton track that is heavily inspired by Daddy Yankee's 1990s songs and ends with him bidding farewell to his fans.[36]

Legendaddy was released digitally on March 24, 2022, on CD on September 26, 2022 and on vinyl on January 6, 2023 through Daddy Yankee's own label El Cartel Records and Universal Music Group's Republic Records.[82][83][84][85] In the United States, the record debuted at number eight on the Billboard 200 in the week ending April 9, 2022 with 29,000 album-equivalent units, calculated from 38.49 million on-demand streams and 2,000 pure sales.[86] It was the highest-peaking, largest-debuting and first top 10 Latin album on the chart since Bad Bunny's El Último Tour del Mundo on the issue dated December 12, 2020.[86] It is Daddy Yankee's highest-charting album in the country and his second top 10 after El Cartel: The Big Boss (2007),[86][87][88] although it left the chart after six weeks, becoming his fifth longest-running entry on the Billboard 200.[88] It also became his seventh number one on the US Top Latin Albums chart, where it spent one week at the top position and 47 in total.[89][90] It subsequently received a Latin platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for units of over 60,000 sales plus equivalent units, the mid-year's highest for a Latin album released within the first half of 2022.[91][92] It was the 19th best-performing Latin album of 2022 in the United States.[93]

"Rumbatón", referred to by Daddy Yankee as "the album's flagship",[43] was released as a single simultaneously with Legendaddy on March 24, 2022.[104][105][106] It was accompanied by a music video directed by Dominican filmmaker Marlon Peña, which depicts a newlywed couple that end up joining a street party in Cabo Rojo and features cameos by Luny, DJ Joe and Trebol Clan member Periquito.[45][107] It peaked at number 82 on the Billboard Global 200[108] and number one in Puerto Rico and Mexico for three[109] and one weeks, respectively,[110] and reached the top five in El Salvador,[111] Honduras[112] and Uruguay[113] and the top 10 in Chile,[114] Ecuador[115] and Peru.[116] It is the album's highest-peaking song in Spain, reaching number 11 and eventually receiving a platinum certification for units of over 60,000 track-equivalent streams.[117][118][119] It was the 89th song with most radio spins of 2022 in Latin America, with 95,520,[120] and was the album's most-played track of the year in Bolivia,[121] Chile,[122] Costa Rica,[123] Ecuador,[124] El Salvador,[125] Panama,[126] Peru,[127] Spain,[128] Uruguay,[129] and Venezuela.[130]

"Agua" was released as a single alongside the album as well, with a music video directed by Marlon Peña.[146] It peaked at number 189 on the Billboard Global Excl. US chart[147] and reached the top 20 in Panama[148] and the top 30 on the US Hot Latin Songs.[137] The single "Bombón" was accompanied by a music video directed by Daniel Durán, which also premiered with Legendaddy's release.[47][132] It became a TikTok trend[149][150] and reached the top five in Nicaragua,[151] the top 10 in El Salvador[152] and the top 20 in the Dominican Republic and Honduras.[153][154] It was the seventh most-played song of the year in Nicaragua, with 4,220 spins.[155] "Hot" was also concurrently released as a single, with a music video directed by Durán.[132][156] It reached the top 20 in Honduras,[157] the top 25 on the US Hot Latin Songs[137] and the top 40 on the US Rhythmic chart.[158] It was the album's best-selling track of 2022 in the United States, ranking at number 25 on the Latin Digital Songs year-end chart.[159] 041b061a72


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