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Mariah Carey, Butterfly Full Album Zip !EXCLUSIVE!

In order to successfully take the album in a new direction, Carey and Afanasieff sought out new and innovative producers, as well as some from Carey's previous releases. Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds first began working with Carey on Music Box, where he helped produce "Never Forget You", as well as being part of the songwriting process. Additional writers and producers were Robert Clivillés and David Cole (a pair also known as C+C Music Factory) and Daryl Simmons. While the album featured a range of music producers, the bulk of the songwriting was done by Carey and her writing partner, Walter Afanasieff. In future projects, they would continue writing material for Carey's albums, until her 1999 release Rainbow, where he is absent from the writing credits.

Mariah Carey, Butterfly full album zip

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In 1988, Carey was discovered by Tommy Mottola, CEO of Columbia Records, and was promptly signed to the label. Carey's self-titled debut studio album, released in 1990, focused on re-recording and mastering several songs she had already written in high school alongside classmate, Ben Margulies.[4] Aside from the seven songs taken from Carey's demo tape, four other tracks were written and produced by the former and an array of famed record producers. The album was complimented by critics, who called it a mature debut, full of various genre influences ranging from pop, R&B and soul.[5] The album became a commercial success, selling fifteen million units globally.[6] While making a strong impact on pop music, Carey became interested in altering her sound, and deviating from pop music for her second studio effort, Emotions (1991).[5] Following the success of her debut, Columbia allowed her to take more control over her musical departure, enabling her to change her genre infusions, melodies and production.

Daydream proved to be one of the best-selling and most acclaimed albums of 1995.[68] When the Grammy Award nominees were announced, and Daydream was nominated for six different awards, critics began raving how it would be "cleaning up" that year.[68] The 38th Annual Grammy Awards were held on February 28, 1996, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Carey, being a multiple award nominee, was one of the headlining performers at the ceremony.[68] Together with Boyz II Men, she performed a live rendition of "One Sweet Day", to a very positive response.[69] However, as the award winners were announced one by one, Carey watched as her name was not called up even once.[70][68] Daydream had lost all of its six nominations, shocking most critics who branded it the "album of the year".[69] With every passing loss, the television cameras continued to zoom on Carey's face, who was finding it more difficult to retain her smile.[69] By the end of the night, Carey had not won a single award. The disappointment on her face was "painfully obvious", according to media outlets.[69] Carey did not perform again until the 2006 ceremony, when she was nominated for eight awards (winning three) for The Emancipation of Mimi.[71]

Carey's sixth studio album Butterfly, and the compilation album, #1's, were both certified five-time platinum in the US; the latter remains the best-selling album in Japan by a non-Asian artist, selling 3.25 million copies.[15] While the singer's seventh studio effort Rainbow (1999) received triple platinum certification from RIAA, it was her first album since Merry Christmas to not reach number one in the US. Carey parted from Columbia/Sony Music in 2001 and signed a contract with EMI's Virgin Records worth a reported US$100 million,[16] the largest record contract ever signed. She released her next album, Glitter, which was the soundtrack to the film of same name. The album suffered from poor publicity and became a commercial failure, primarily due to setbacks and delays surrounding its release; ultimately, the album and film would be released on September 11, 2001, a tragic day on which music and movies would be the least of America's concerns. However, in 2018, Mariah Carey fans around the world successfully executed an internet campaign called #JusticeForGlitter; the fan-created petition's goal was to have as many people purchase the album, digitally, as possible. Seventeen years after the failed release of Glitter, and coming from relative obscurity, the album had suddenly reached the #1 spot on the iTunes albums chart, primarily due to the fans' promotions.[17][18]


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