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Akame Ga Kill! Episode 16

Night Raid engages Bols and Kurome along with her puppets. Kurome draws the first attack from her puppet Desta-Ghoul, which shoots a powerful beam. Akame engages Bols and the puppet bodyguard Wall after a short melee with Kurome and their deceased friend-turned-puppet Natala. Tatsumi fights against Apeman and Henter, Susanoo fights against Destaghoul, Leone fights against Rokugou, and Mine fights against Doya. During the fight, Leone's left arm is cut off by Kurome while battling Rokugou, forcing Najenda to kill Rokugou herself. Meanwhile, Bols questions Akame in joining the Revolutionary Army. Akame responds that she chose it from her heart and thinks it is the right path. Leone joins Akame as they kill Wall and disable Bols' Teigu. Meanwhile, Tatsumi is nearly overwhelmed by Apeman and Henter until he is finally assisted in killing them by a disguised Chelsea. Kurome sends out her Kaiser Frog to swallow Mine while she's engaging Doya, but Mine manages to defeat the frog and escape. Susanoo transforms into a more powerful form gained from Najenda's life force and kills Destaghoul. In a desperate attempt, Bols throws Rubicante upward and detonates it, intending to use the massive explosion to kill Akame and Leone.

Akame ga Kill! Episode 16



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