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Phasmophobia [v0.7.0.0] ((INSTALL))

Since its early access release in 2020, Phasmophobia has seen a range of updates, with each one improving vastly on the already widely-enjoyed game. And with the release of the much-awaited Apocalypse Update (v0.7.0.0), both new and veteran players returned to the game in full force.

Phasmophobia [v0.7.0.0]

The v0.7.0.0 update introduces the custom difficulty option, allowing players to create their own challenges by tweaking their game settings. These could include things like whether or not you lose items after being killed, how aggressive the ghosts are, and more. Each of these custom options is also bound to a reward multiplier, so players can still earn XP and money depending on the options they choose.

As of right now, the new update, v0.7.0.0, just came out. Now known as the Apocalypse update, this brings out the option to create your own custom difficulty. This can range from altering how much Sanity you gain back from pills, how much you can start with, how much it can drain, and much more.

I'm absolutely sure there are a lot of different things, but hey, it's more recommended that you read the patch for yourselves if you are a Phasmo player and you are interested in knowing everything new: Apocalypse Major Update v0.7.0.0

Ab sofort ist das neue Update, v0.7.0.0, gerade herausgekommen. Jetzt als Apokalypse-Update bekannt, dies bringt die Option hervor, Ihren eigenen benutzerdefinierten Schwierigkeitsgrad zu erstellen. Dies kann von der Veränderung reichen, wie viel geistige Gesundheit Sie durch Pillen zurückgewinnen, wie viel Sie beginnen können, wie viel es entleeren kann und vieles mehr. 041b061a72


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