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The Boy Boy Young Mess - The Money In The Bitch...

I have been divorced from my ex for over ten years now. At the time of marriage I had no idea that he was a narcissist. In fact I didn't even know what a narcissist was. The first stages of dating were great he was everything I thought I wanted. After our marriage I found out his true nature. He is a full blown narcissist. He has managed to use the court system to his advantage. He managed with the help of his family to get our custody agreement reveresed and become custodial parent of our two young children. He does not want them but doesn't want me to have them. He's emotionally abusive and at times physically abusive to them. I've been to court several times trying to get things changed but no one will listen! My children are suffering but the court system doesn't care about their well being. Now my daughter has been diagnosed with a very serious diesase that is life threatening with long term treatment. He is verbally abusive to her cruel and no one in the hospital environment seems to notice or care. I am concerned even more now for my children's safety at the hands of this man. The court system is not only broken it's heartless and money grubbing! I wish there were honest, caring people in the system that could help but I have yet to find any of them. All I've found is heartless money chasers who don't care!

The Boy Boy Young Mess - The Money in the Bitch...

In the months to follow he would have 4 different lawyers. Taking me to court any chance he could get. He lost every time but that didn't stop him. He worked diligently to turn family, friends and our children against me. Sadly our adult son has turned to alcohol and drugs and clings to the attention he now gets from his father. My ex even told me he doesn't care how long or how much money it takes, he is going to mess my life up.

The book and review and comments came along at just the right time for me. After 40 + years of marriage and wonderful grown kids and grandchildren, he left. I've known he had a NPD for more than 15 years and have changed in the ways I've dealt with and responded to him. But, when I withdrew the supportive behaviors, he became more hostile. He did me a favor by leaving, but now he wants to turn a simple no fault divorce with not a great deal of assets into a major litigation - as one of you said, he would rather lose the money than compromise. So much of his behavior is in the comments: early charm, working through our family gatherings, I don't even want to think about him enough to list much more. Work has been everything to him, but he just quit his job to avoid even minimal spousal support. I had never bad-mouthed him to the kids, but they knew we lived lives separate from him. But in the divorce process he has revealed his narcissistic lying, self-important, manipulative, self-pitying self to them on a regular basis. I feel so much for those of you who have young children and are trying to extricate yourself from narcissists. I blocked him from calling and emailing early, but you guys have to keep contact. I can go with a division of assets and no spousal support and get the divorce. Needed this article today. Thanks.

I would love to share my story of divorcing my full blown Narcissist ex-husband who remarried 3 months after we were divorced for the 4th time to a women he met only a few weeks before we were legally divorced, and moved this lady into the house where we lived as a family with my two young kids less then a month after we were divorced. I truly believe that my story will help women(and maybe some men) who are stuck in a abusive narcissist relationship and what to choices to make to either get out or stay. I was abused in every sense of the word during my marriage, physically, verbally, emotionally, sexually, and financially. He hid big money and only gave me $300/month, while forcing me to turn in receipts to him only to be scrutinized. Now divorced from him, and still dealing with family court issues that have totaled close to $200,000 with still issues to be resolved. He uses the kids(I'm the only wife with kids) as pawns and never takes responsibility for his actions but continues to blame me for my feelings and opinions. He still continues to abuse me by undermining me with my kids and it has hurt them more then words can say. I love my kids but almost regret having children with a narcissist as I will always be tied to him and his personality disorder.

Most of the pimps interviewed are currently serving time for pimping or trafficking at least one minor. The few who admitted to intentionally recruiting minors said they did it because younger women are easier to manipulate, work harder to earn money, and are more marketable.

I have a 13 yo daughter who is extremely disrespectful to my husband, her younger sister and myself. We can barely get along with her and her and her sister barely speak. She is always trying to control the household and everyone in it. She brings us to the brink of wanting to literally beat the crap out of her. We take things away & ground her but it does not have any effect on her at all. She is very narcissistic and blames all of her problems and behavioral issues on us. On a daily basis she calls me a DumbF***, my husband an A$$hole, tells us that she behaves that way because we are bad parents and if we were different, she would be different. Her room is a total mess and despite repeated efforts to clean it she continues to blame me. I have stopped washing her clothes and instead bought each of my girls their own laundry basket. They keep it in their rooms and when the basket is filled, they are suppose to wash their clothes. That way if anything is missing, they can't blame anybody but themselves. Well, my younger daughter is really good about keeping up with her clothes but, my older one has not washed clothes in almost 2 weeks and constantly blames me for missing items and tells me that I'm a fat old dumbf*** bitch that is too lazy to do clothes. 041b061a72


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