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[S1E9] Rotten Things

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Part of why her absence was so disappointing is that Grandpa Carrington was a bit of a bore. He stirred things up a bit, but mostly he served to make Fallon and Blake look like halfway decent people, by virtue of being an older, more heartless, and more racist asshole.

In the previous episode, titled "The Best Things in Life," the Carringtons started to celebrate the holidays with a tree lighting and giving company gifts. Of course, there are things they want to have for Christmas.

Briarpatch returns for its penultimate episode this week with a story of two halves. On the one hand, the first 20 minutes of the episode play out like an art-house piece, with lots of surrealist imagery and some slick edits while the second half sets things up for the finale to follow. In a way, this has really been the biggest problem with Briarpatch, which has struggled to harmoniously blend the arty pieces with the more gritty murder mystery running through the heart of this one.

There is something rotten in David Changs kitchen and thats a good thing. Rotten is delicious; katsuibushi in Japan, XO sauce, rotten bananas with Chef Christina Tosi, and Kimchi. Watch an excerpt

Back at the house, they complain to Lois after they learn she plans to keep all the food. Lois states she's not going to throw out perfectly good pie filling and lamb chutney, Malcolm asks if she realizes how humiliating it is, with Reese emphasizing that the school has done can drives before and that most of the food is old and is likely just stuff people stored in their garages and then forgot about. Despite the boys' complaints about this, Lois insists that they just need to hold on a little longer. Hal tells them in the meantime they should be thankful for small favors. He then asks if anyone would like the last olive, but Lois notices realizes that the olives that Hal has eaten are actually very rotten peaches from the collective. Hal is subsequently hospitalized.

Ultimately, Lois finds her life back to normal after getting her job back and serves pancakes at breakfast the next morning, stating if you do the right thing everything will work out for the best. At school, Malcolm is happy since he now has clean clothes and Ho-Ho's in his lunch, and says that having money rules and no longer cares about neglecting his spiritual side. Now that he is not "poor," he tells Julie straight in her face and he doesn't want anymore of her stupid pity, after walking off he wonders if that helped to straighten things out with her.

As the season winds down, things are finally starting to come together. Feds Budge and Pepper, after a great scene that illustrated their desperation working in the records room, literally jumped at the chance to follow up on a lead in the syndicate murders. And with that, Molly got her due when they told her what great work she had done on the case, in front of Bill.

Kyle tries to rush out of the house, ignoring his mother's request to join her and his wife for breakfast. Miriam gets angry at his refusal to participate in family moments and tries to offer advice. Kyle missed the ultrasound where his wife found out they were having a son, who is due on February 29. Kyle complains he has no good choices, but his mom points out that the ones he has made keep pulling him away from the things he loves. The scene ends with Kyle suggesting they name the son Mitch, after his murdered brother.

E.L. is a writer who unironically believes that most things are games. She is currently a graduate student in the history of the exact sciences in antiquity, and *has thoughts* about ancient math and modern astrology alongside good tutorialization and immersion. She has shared these thoughts (and her writing) with digital venues like Eidolon, Lady Science and First Person Scholar. In her downtime, E.L. enjoys puzzle games, ARGs, lyric TTRPGs, handstands and trapeze. You can follow her (and recommend GM-less storytelling games) on Twitter.

Trieu says that she just needs to confirm where Manhattan is before she destroys him and takes his power. Once she does that, she can fix the world and do everything Manhattan should have done. Trieu has designed a quantum centrifuge to strip Manhattan of his energy and transfer it into her, but she can't afford to build it so she hoped Adrian would stake her $42 billion. Adrian wonders why she would hope that, and Trieu says that she's his daughter. He insists that he's never given himself to a woman and that like Alexander the Great, he believes such hedonistic activity is a distraction from more important things. Trieu is quick to point out the hidden refrigerator with Adrian's sperm, and says that she's subject 2346. Her mother was one of the Vietnamese refugees working at Karnak in 1985, and Adrian says that the woman was a thief. He notes that he gave up his parents' wealth to demonstrate he could achieve anything starting from nothing, and he offers Trieu the same. Adrian insists he will never call her "daughter".

Although Melty is the youngest, she was chosen as the first in line to the throne because of her older sister's personality issues. After seeing her first daughter raised to be spoiled rotten, Mirellia took Melty under her wing. As she was raised by the Queen, her personality is quite normal if not a bit sheltered as Mirellia took Melty to almost all the diplomatic meetings to teach her work. Like her mother, she doesn't base her belief on her nation's religion.

As Ben travels back to 1979, things take an interesting turn when he finds out that his boss and singer Carly Farmer's life is in danger, and he needs to get to the bottom of the issue and do everything in his power to protect her.

Al: Her majesty awakes, huh (Walks over to the piss-pot) Cocksucker's gonna grace us with his fuckin' presence this mornin'. Fuckin' Magistrate Claggett will impart to me the attitude toward the settlement of him and his fellow lying fucking thieves of the territorial legislature at Yankton. (Finishes his pissing and proceeds to dress.) How fuckin' much is it gonna cost us to get annexed when to get annexed when they sign a treaty with the fuckin' dirt worshippers, huh How hard is the legislature gonna squeeze our balls with regard to our title and properties, huh I don't want to talk to these cocksuckers, but you have to, in life, you have to do a lot of things you don't fuckin' want to do. Many times, that's what the fuck life is, one vile fucking task after another. But don't get aggravated. Then the enemy has you by the short hair. It'll be different after the annexation. That's all. There's nothin' to be afraid of. Everything changes. Don't be afraid. ( points down at the gold) I can hope those'll be appearing on a regular basis.

Jane: Oh, is that so That is too bad. Join the fucking club of the most of us. Let me tell you somethin', Preacher. I see you skulkin' around when the Doc comes in. You're tryin' to hide your fuckin' eyes, tryin' to hide your fuckin' arm. You're a fuckin' mess. (Shakes the Rev's shoulders) And I am in the process of wearin' out my own fuckin' welcome in this camp, and I wouldn't expect to be around here much longer for people to be disgusted by so they don't notice what the fuck is goin' on with you! And you need to (grabs his head) think about some of these things and raise your nerve to consult with the Doc!

Al: So, U.S. Government's negotiating peace with Spotted Elk, Red Cloud and other leaders of the heathens. (Johnny places some peaches down in front of Al.) Thank you, Johnny. The heathens will get money to give up the hills and the hills'll be annexed to the territory. (Sol looks over and sees Trixie observing things, the other whores begin to join her.) Cost to avoid getting fucked in the ass by those legislative cocksuckers was just handed to me by Yankton's toll collector, who suggests also our best case in keeping title to the claims, property and businesses is to start up now, a kind of an informal governing organization that will be recognized by the territorial cocksuckers and given legal status when the territory is annexed, since we'll all have proved ourselves civilized sorts that don't only wear our pants to cover our tails. Hence the fuckin' meeting.

Doc: It isn't rotting, Reverend. Your flesh does not smell. You have not died. You're having organic changes in your mind that's making you believe these things. Do you understand me

That night, Lalo is released and greets Jimmy outside of the Metropolitan Detention Center. Sticking to his scripted story, Jimmy falsely claims he was delayed because of car trouble near the pickup site and walked alone cross-country to not risk losing the money. Lalo dismisses Jimmy's concerns about the suspicious prosecutors, stating that he will have returned to Mexico by the time authorities discover that his identity as "Jorge de Guzman" is fake. Lalo commends Jimmy for performing his job well and tells him that they will do "big things" together now that he is a "friend of the Cartel". Before he is picked up, Lalo unsettles Jimmy by casually revealing that Kim visited him in jail in Jimmy's absence.

While Jimmy and Kim argue about her leaving S&C, Jimmy begins receiving several phone calls which he declines out of frustration. Kim goes to the door to answer someone knocking, allowing Jimmy to pick up the call. The caller turns out to be Mike, who tells Jimmy to leave his phone on but hidden so he can listen. The visitor at the door turns out to be Lalo, who enters the apartment and asks Jimmy to repeat the story he told him about his desert trek. Outside, Mike has sniper rifle trained on the room from a nearby roof. Lalo reveals he found bullet holes in Jimmy's car and asks him to repeat his story, menacingly pressing him for more information. As Jimmy becomes more and more nervous, Kim intervenes, also blocking Mike's clear sight of Lalo. She tells Lalo that the bullet holes probably came from passers-by who shot at the car for fun. She passionately defends Jimmy, telling Lalo that "Saul Goodman" would never lie to his clients or to her, and that if he is so paranoid about whether he can trust his own men in the Cartel, he has bigger things to worry about than if he can trust his lawyer. Seemingly satisfied, Lalo quietly leaves the apartment. He tells Nacho to drive to Mexico, but not the original pickup site. 59ce067264


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