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[Wii] Fort Boyard [PAL]

Set and filmed on the real fortress of the same name on the west coast of France, the programme appears similar to British game show The Crystal Maze which was created as an alternative format by Antoine for Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, after the fortress was unavailable to film in because of its then ongoing refurbishment (during 1989). In both programmes the contestants have to complete challenges to win prize money. However, while The Crystal Maze varies the type of games quite considerably, Fort Boyard tends to focus mainly on physical and endurance challenges. Although Fort Boyard was something of a pioneer in the area of game show fear and adventure, later programmes such as Fear Factor have pushed things even further, requiring Fort Boyard to react and adapt with new twists and games, including a couple of seasons in which the contestants spent the night in the Fort (this was particularly popular in the French and Russian versions).

[Wii] Fort Boyard [PAL]

Whilst looking for a set, a production team visited Fort Boyard in April 1987[2] and this fortification, located between the Île-d'Aix and the île d'Oléron in the Pertuis d'Antioche strait, was bought in November 1988 for one and a half million francs.[2] The production company resold the fort to the department of Charente-Maritime for a symbolic franc, resulting in the local authority then having to take charge of all the refurbishment works, which took place from July 1989, and ensured the exclusive use of the site to Antoine's production company.[2] Because of the weather conditions, the construction of the sets for the show was done in two stages: between the start of the renovation and October 1989 then the following spring, and were completed shortly before the first day of filming on 30 June 1990.[2] The original French version, under the name Les Clés de Fort Boyard (English: The Keys of Fort Boyard), began airing on 7 July 1990 hosted by Patrice Laffont and originally Marie Talon, later Sophie Davant, on Antenne 2.

Fort Boyard is a French game show first broadcast in 1990; however the fort is also used by television stations from other countries in order to produce their own (typically modified) versions, using part of the technical teams and characters of the original French show.

The fort has also been used for special private events in 2014, 2016 and 2019 by Russian visitors[27][28] and filmed non-televised shows featuring children for the French sponsor Prince de LU from 2011 to 2013,[29] with Anne-Gaëlle Riccio returning as host.[30] Further mini-episodes featuring Willy Rovelli's Chef character and eating challenge were filmed in June 2020 and premiered online on the children's on-demand platform Okoo of France Télévisions, and its website from October 14, 2020.[31] It was confirmed in July 2019 that an unnamed Russian billionaire of a large steel company had hired the Fort three times, firstly in 2014 for a team building session and most recently for his 50th birthday.[32]

Fort Boyard's format varies from country to country, but the basics are the same. A team of friends enter the Fort with the intention of winning the gold. To do this, the contestants have to successfully complete a series of challenges set by a fort-master, who wishes to keep the gold to themselves.

Note: This is NOT the full list of games that have been played. The years below are for when the game was played or last present at the fort, in the French version or Ultimate Challenge (some games are present but not played every year). A full list of games can be found here.[55]

From 1991 to 2011, there were 71 different adventures.[56] This section details some of Fort Boyard's most famous games. The name of the game may change from country-country; but the game itself remains the same (like in Phase One, where possible, names from Ultimate Challenge will be used). The years below are for when the game was played or last present at the fort, in the French version or Ultimate Challenge.

Note: Some of these games are still in place on the fort, but have not been played recently in the French version and others. Most of these games are listed by their Ultimate Challenge names. Not all of the clue games played have been mentioned above.

The majority of shows are filmed in the 4:3 aspect ratio, although some shows, for countries including Sweden and France since 2008, now use the more common 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. PAL is the favoured recording format for Fort Boyard, offering the highest quality pictures. From 2013, the fort is now able to record programmes in HD for the first time.

As of 2020, COVID-19 had caused a few changes to the 2020 series of Fort Boyard. Some safety measures were in place to keep the candidates safe on the fortress which also changed the format of the series.

Download === And that's it. That's all there was to Fort Boyard. I'll post the link to Fort Boyard Challenge on my iPod later. I may even upload the.ogg files to my (one) iPod as I continue to this final book.Over the next few weeks, the fort's troops held off attacks from the 16th Light Dragoons, Royal Marines and sailors, and proved their defensive abilities during various attacks by landing craft. During the bloody battle for Fort Boyard, the defending forces held out for an astonishing 96 days -- a record that still stands. By the time the fort surrendered, about half its men were dead. It was the longest siege in France in more than 200 years.Years later, the fort was taken over by the French army and became a tourist attraction. In 1961, the fort was bought by Raymond Bauer, who added a paragliding facility and other games. The fort went through a series of subsequent owners, but it was bought back by Mr. Bauer in 1992. He fully renovated the battle site, and began hosting film crews to produce recreations of the real events on TV shows like Fear Factor and Fort Boyard .Despite the island's close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the fort's area of occupancy is actually quite dry. The average of dry days recorded during the high season is about 160, and there's a good deal of vegetation, including some beachfront palm trees.Fort Boyard has been a popular tourist attraction for decades, but it may not necessarily be the most beautiful or most historic. It has become most popular of late for something that you can actually play on the island: the Fort Boyard challenge. While the show has evolved over the past two decades and adapted to new technology, it still has its roots in the most basic competitions. In 1990, a game show was filmed on the island, and ever since, Fort Boyard has become a global phenomenon. Young people enjoy the chance to engage in these challenges with their friends, coworkers or rivals, all over the world.98329e995e 350c69d7ab


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