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Algebraic Structures Serge Lang Pdf Download

I was searching about a reference of Algebraic Structures I found Serge Lang's book with that title and to make sure it's suitable for understanding the notion of Algebraic structure I searched the the forum here .. the most related post here about serge Lang's book was that post : A Book for abstract AlgebraThe correct answer by "Javier Álvarez" tells him among his first lines it depends on your aim .... now If My aim is to study the notion of Algebraic structure as one of the three mother structures (algebraic,topological,order) keeping in mind is that my back ground in propositional and predicate logic is good and I am going to read ZFC well ... Does This book suitable for my aim ... am asking that question because too many answers suggested books with title abstract algebra ..

algebraic structures serge lang pdf download

This course will serve as an introduction to mapping class groups of surfaces. Mapping class groups are a fundamental object of study in topology, as the automorphism groups of 2-manifolds, but also arise naturally in many other fields, such as complex analysis and algebraic geometry. We will survey some basics such as generators and relations for the mapping class group, subgroups important in 3-manifold theory such as the Torelli group and the handlebody subgroup, and representations of mapping class groups. As time permits, and according to the interests of the class, we will also discuss related groups in geometric group theory, Teichmüller theory, and associated combinatorial structures such as the curve complex, among other topics.


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