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Navigation Gestures V1.3.1-18 08 31 1201 47 Apk [Premium] [Latest]

Navigation Gestures v1.3.1-18 08 31 1201 47 Apk [Premium] [Latest]

Navigation Gestures is an app that lets you replace your navigation bar with gesture-based controls. You can swipe, tap, or hold on the edges of your screen to perform actions such as back, home, recent apps, split screen, and more. Navigation Gestures is developed by XDA, a popular online community for Android enthusiasts and developers.

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The latest version of Navigation Gestures, v1.3.1-18 08 31 1201 47, was released on August 31, 2023. It comes with several new features and bug fixes that improve the performance and usability of the app. Some of the highlights of this update are:

  • A new App Launch action that lets you open any app from the gesture bar.

  • Better compatibility with Android P, the upcoming version of Android that will introduce native gesture navigation.

  • Improved navigation bar hiding that works on more devices and apps.

  • More customization options for the gesture bar, such as size, color, position, and sensitivity.

  • A premium version that unlocks more features, such as custom actions, themes, and backup/restore settings.

If you want to try out Navigation Gestures and enjoy a smoother and more intuitive way of navigating your Android device, you can download the app from the Google Play Store or from XDA's website . The app is free to use, but you can also upgrade to the premium version for $0.99 to support the developers and access more features.

Navigation Gestures is one of the best gesture-based apps for Android that offers a lot of flexibility and functionality. It can enhance your user experience and make your device more fun and easy to use. Download Navigation Gestures v1.3.1-18 08 31 1201 47 Apk [Premium] [Latest] today and see for yourself!


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