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Download [BETTER] International Superstar Soccer 3

The ISS franchise was always Konami's arcade take on the soccer genre, a sort of lesser version of the Pro Evolution Soccer series which never quite hit the same heights as its more grown-up brother. Unfortunately, this final instalment of the series goes out with a whimper rather than a bang and is rather hard to recommend to dedicated soccer fans as there are much better examples out there. On paper, it's got everything you could ask for: plenty of game types to play, from friendlies, to international cups and custom leagues, with a mission mode to add in some variety, while you can also earn points through match victories which can then be traded in for new moves, stadia and extra modes. Visually, the game is pretty decent too, if slightly unspectacular, with fast moving and reasonably animated sprites that are a little lacking in detail, while ball physics are generally pretty solid. Sound presentation too is what you'd expect with some good commentary and the usual crowd noises which add to the atmosphere and excitement. However, there are problems with the controls and this is where the game loses most of its points. It's not really suited to being played with a keyboard, with overly complicated moves that require highly frustrating finger manoeuvres to perform and which prove quite frustrating. If you can get past this quite significant issue, the game does play a fair game of soccer, but it is quite a major obstacle to surmount, so if you're looking for a great football game, stick to PES or FIFA.

Download International Superstar Soccer 3




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