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[S1E5] Disruption

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[S1E5] Disruption

The boys determine Will is trapped in an alternate dimension Eleven calls the "Upside Down," and he is being pursued by a monster similar to a Demogorgon. After Will's funeral, the boys ask their science teacher Mr. Clarke about alternative dimensions. He explains that a high-energy spacetime tear could theoretically create a passage between dimensions, and that such a phenomenon would create a disruption in the Earth's electromagnetic field. Using their compasses, the party heads into the woods to search for such a disruption. Eleven remembers encountering the creature during a lab experiment, and afraid, she redirects the compasses. Lucas notices and confronts her. Mike defends her, he and Lucas fight, and Eleven telekinetically flings Lucas off Mike. While Dustin and Mike tend to the unconscious Lucas, Eleven disappears.

Sjoerd Handgraaf: [00:00:24] Hi. I'm Sjoerd, CMO at Sharetribe, and I am your host. For this episode, I talked to Michael DeGiorgio, founder and CEO of CREXi, a marketplace for commercial real estate. This is an area, uh, [laughs] as you'll hear, which I knew absolutely nothing about, but it turns out to be an actually fascinating industry which was ripe for some serious disruption, as you'll hear. I talk with Mike about how to build productivity tools for one side of the marketplace and also about how, instead of getting rid of the middleman, which is something that you often see when marketplaces enter a space, CREXi actually embraced the middleman. This is a really intriguing talk, and I think there are some great insights in here for anyone building a marketplace business. Enjoy. Hi, Mike. Welcome to the podcast.

MD: This is great. Arabic calligraphy is so beautiful. It is just fascinating when you see the letters in Arabic. You brought a disruption as the graffiti world, urban turmoil, excitement is having that I can picture you very well in Paris between these two worlds, the places where you have a large community of people coming from outside France and been there for two, three, four generations who are French, like you, and who have somewhere, somehow that influence in the back of the mind. So, I like very much what you said. But what is very interesting in your work is that all that for me is what I understand is geared towards peace. Tell me more about how do you see peace in your work

Supply chain shocks are happening more often, causing more disruption, and leading us to ask big questions about the future of manufacturing sectors and society. The answers are complicated. Operations leaders have to consider the global pandemic, the climate crisis, cyber threats, and surging demand from a fragmented reopening of the global economy. Around the world, supply chain leaders are reassessing and redesigning their strategies to build resilience.

Supply Chain Shocks is produced by the supply chain resilience experts at Kearney, a global management consulting firm. As the original operations consulting firm, we help our clients confidently set a course to navigate disruptions and transform their operations. 59ce067264


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