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Ocean Odyssey

We must all be stewards for a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable ocean. The first step in that role is education. We hope the activities in this guide, and films like Ocean Odyssey which inspired them will help lead you and your students to learn more about our ocean planet, its myriad of wonders beneath the waves, and work to maintain healthy ecosystems that are resilient in the face of change.

Ocean Odyssey


The rig had other advanced extreme-condition features as well. For example, the rig's columns were strengthened to withstand some ice impact and the marine riser had a feature similar to a cow-catcher to keep floating ice off the marine riser that connected the rig to the well on the ocean bottom.

Campers receive expert instruction and care from our highly trained team. Prior to camp, our staff participates in a week of training, which includes lifeguarding, marine science, surf coaching, ocean ecology, childhood development, and behavior management.

Coastal North Carolina is surrounded by rich marine ecosystems that countless aquatic species call home. From the expansive Atlantic Ocean, with its miles of white sand beaches on barrier islands to the fluctuating and dynamic salt marsh habitats, Sea Turtle Camp gives you the opportunity to explore the ocean and learn about these amazing habitats. We strive to provide youth with the opportunity to learn more about marine life and conservation through hands-on, experiential activities.

Campers will be housed in a fully furnished retreat center with an ocean view and beach access just a few feet away. This is an ideal location, as we will only be steps from our outdoor classroom. Students will see the sun rise over the ocean during morning nest patrols.

The students, helped by their teachers and guided by European Commission staff and a facilitator through innovative participatory leadership processes, have designed their story combining images, creative writing and science communication. This inspirational book presents in a novel and artistic way the challenges faced by our ocean and waters and the possible solutions that the EU Mission Ocean, seas and waters could implement to address those challenges.

National Geographic Encounter announces its expansion with KBW Ventures and its partner, the General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia to develop and launch up to 10 new locations with Ocean Odyssey, an entertaining and immersive walk-through adventure across the ocean from the South Pacific to the coast of California, throughout the region on an unprecedented scale. The first of several locations in Saudi Arabia will be situated in the city of Riyadh starting in 2019.

The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of living oceans and pledges to champion their preservation through research, education and a commitment to Science Without Borders.

A mother and calf humpback whale set off on a 3000-mile journey in the flow of a great ocean current. As we follow them on their Ocean Odyssey, we explore the many ways that the ocean and ocean currents make all life possible on our blue planet.

Debuting in 2022, the 170-passenger vessel will sail on worldwide itineraries and continue to expand Vantage's ocean cruising program which previously covered coastal cruises around Greece and Croatia.

We often experience the majesty of the ocean during events like Shark Week or on programs like Planet Earth. Now, in true New York City fashion, visitors to National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey can explore the ocean in a fully immersive and interactive venue, without needing a wetsuit or scuba gear! As Architect of Record, we coordinated the technology, design and engineering that went into the experiential design of the Encounter, including a new experiential retail space, located in Times Square.

In 2023, Ocean Odyssey will operate small ship discovery ocean cruises in Asia, the British Isles, the Mediterranean and Scandinavia, with plans to add Morocco, the Canary Islands and expedition cruising in Iceland in 2024.

Through collaboration with staff from the Houston Zoo, Undersea Discovery splashed ashore in 2022. A collection of larger-than-life sea creatures and interactive elements will entertain guests while providing critical mission goal messaging on our living oceans and waterways.

National Geographic Education ( has compiled classroom resources for educators to use to teach about the ocean and conservation, and to introduce students to key figures on the front lines of these issues.

The National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey Special Collection has ocean-themed activities classified by grade (K-5, 6-8, and 9-12) that align with standards and cover a variety of subjects such as geography, math, and physics; and a high school biology unit, Marine Ecology, Human Impacts, and Conservation.

Finally, this special collection contains an ocean image galley and a series of image spotlights, which include supporting material such as a detailed description of the image, associated vocabulary words, fast facts, and additional resources.

Check out National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey, an immersive experience that uses technology, such as video and photographic animation, to take students on a virtual underwater journey to explore the Pacific Ocean. From Times Square, students can traverse the ocean floor investigating marine ecosystems and interacting with sea life. At the completion of the transect, students resurface to learn more about the creatures and habitats they encountered and the importance of ocean conservation and scientific research.

This traveling touch tank from the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium brings live ocean animals to Reedsburg! Break down common misconceptions surrounding sharks/rays and explore the roles these animals play in the ecosystem. Afterwards, participants can touch real sharks*.

Widescreen. The great depths of the sea are the last unexplored landscapes on Earth. The creatures that live in this abyss are the least known on the planet, but with technological advances and breathtaking CGI, this riveting documentary has created the most accurate portrayal of the deep oceans that has ever been seen. English SDH. 116 minutes.

National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey is using groundbreaking technology to create a first-of-its-kind immersive experience where guests can virtually interact with ocean life. Guests will be able to get up close to life-size and "photo-real" versions of dozens of species, including massive sharks, battling Humboldt squids, playful sea lions, and a 50-foot Humpback whale, according to a press release.

Once guests have taken the virtual dive underwater and "resurface" to land they'll be able to hear from renowned ocean explorers and marine biologists via transparent multimedia screens. There will aslo be a gaming challenge to clean up the ocean and the opportunity to play with holograms of big ocean creatures. 041b061a72


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