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[S2E14] Stupid Things In The Name Of Sex

So, here's Seth's very stupid plan now that he's bought the boat back: Put the boat in the pool, invite Summer over, have her get in the boat in the pool, tell her how he feels, BOOM, everything solved and she'll fall truly, madly, and deeply in love with him. Except that it's pouring rain and that the new owner of the boat renamed it "Gimme Sex." The shark face on the bow is cool, though. Ryan is unmoved by this dumb plan, so Seth tells on Alex and Marissa in order to change the subject. He's very excited about his ex and Ryan's ex being each other's not-exes. Thankfully, Kirsten rescues us from this special hell by telling the boys that the test results are back and Lindsay wants her and Ryan there for support when she finds out.

[S2E14] Stupid Things in the Name of Sex

As Leslie's brain wears off, Liv realizes that she's been naïve about Drake. However, she's still giddy about him showing up. Major arrives at her door and explains that he's been thinking about what would happen if he died. He tells Liv that there are things that he's done and someone needs to know. As Major starts to explain, Gilda comes in and sees Major. Major and Gilda recognize each other, and Gilda feign ignorance of knowing Major so he does the same. Once she goes to take a shower, Liv suggests that they talk some other time and Major agrees. As he goes, he calls out Gilda by the name he knows her, Rita. Liv searches Gilda's room and finds the negligee that she sent a photo of to Major. When Gilda comes out of the shower, Liv punches her and says that she's a sick bitch. She orders Gilda out.

Luanne and Peggy arrive at Trip's house for the interview, and Trip invites Luanne up in his hot air balloon. Luanne, admiring the view, says "You know so much, and I know so little. I hope that doesn't make you think I'm stupid." Trip says that she isn't stupid, but she is ignorant, meaning "she hasn't had the chance to learn all the wrong things". After Luanne points out that nobody has ever said that before, the two kiss passionately, and Act One ends with Peggy yelling up at them from the ground. 041b061a72


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