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Psiphon 4 Exe 14 ((EXCLUSIVE))

Here I used -dataRootDirectory because without this argument psiphon would create a folder named ca.psiphon.PsiphonTunnel.tunnel-core at current working directory every time it starts, this argument prevents it.

psiphon 4 exe 14

Download File:

Ok folks, so here it is. After fighting this monster for about 9 months, I finally figured out how to stop PSiphon from running on my computers. PSiphon is a standalone program, because it does not install itself to the computer, there are no hash's or certificates to manipulate. I finally google'd how to stop .exe files from running and low and behold there it was. You have to set up a GPO to prevent psiphon3.exe from running. You will create this rule under the user configuration\administrative templates\system\Don't run specified windows application. From here you can figure out the rest. Now I have tried to run it on the computer, from the website and from a drive stick and they all failed to run. Can't wait for morning to get here so I can implement this on the computers at work. Hope this helps.

My attempt for solution:I've noticed that Psiphon uses an executable psiphon-tunnel-core.exe. I tried to run this executable file from CMD it tells me {"data":"data":"message":"configuration file is required","noticeType":"Error","showUser":false,"timestamp":"2018-03-11T21:24:27.441Z"

For the cmd query, in -Labs/psiphon-tunnel-core, there's a simple script to run the consoleclient (psiphon-tunnel-core). Try placing the "consoleclient" in the Psiphon3 "Roaming" folder and run it from there. Be sure that your http proxy port is the same as in the config file. Configuration infos are found here in case you need it: -Labs/psiphon-tunnel-core/psiphon#Config. The rest is all up to the user, but it's not recommended. (And even if this works, you still need to control the proxy for curl "only".)

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