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Jacks Mannequin-People And Things-2011-FNT

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Jacks Mannequin-People And Things-2011-FNT

Review: Jack's Mannequin - People And Things (2011)

Jack's Mannequin is the solo project of Andrew McMahon, former frontman of Something Corporate. People And Things is his third album under this moniker, following Everything In Transit (2005) and The Glass Passenger (2008). The album was released on October 4, 2011 by Sire and Warner Bros. Records.

People And Things is a collection of songs that reflect McMahon's personal and professional struggles, as well as his relationships with family and friends. The album showcases his piano-driven pop rock style, with catchy melodies, lush arrangements and heartfelt lyrics. The album features guest appearances by Brandi Carlile, Tim Pierce, Chris Chaney and Jamie Muhoberac.

The album opens with "My Racing Thoughts", a upbeat track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. McMahon sings about his restless mind and his desire to find peace and clarity. The song features a percussive piano riff, a soaring chorus and a guitar solo by Tim Pierce. The second track, "Release Me", is a rock anthem that deals with the pressure of being in the music industry and the need to break free from expectations. The song has a driving rhythm, a catchy hook and a powerful vocal performance by McMahon.

The album continues with "Television", a song that criticizes the superficiality and negativity of the media. McMahon sings about how he wants to escape from the TV screen and live in the real world. The song has a pop punk vibe, with distorted guitars, energetic drums and a sing-along chorus. The fourth track, "Amy, I", is a love song dedicated to McMahon's wife, who supported him through his battle with leukemia. The song is a tender ballad, with acoustic guitar, piano and anvil sounds. McMahon expresses his gratitude and devotion to his partner, singing "You're my life support".

The fifth track, "Hey Hey Hey (We're All Gonna Die)", is a sarcastic song that mocks the pessimism and apathy of modern society. McMahon sings about how people are too busy worrying about trivial things and ignoring the bigger issues. The song has a folk rock feel, with organ, strings and harmonica. The song also features backing vocals by Brandi Carlile, who adds some soul to the chorus.

The sixth track, "People, Running", is a song that explores the theme of loneliness and isolation. McMahon sings about how people are running away from their problems and their emotions, instead of facing them. The song has a melancholic mood, with piano, strings and electric guitar. The seventh track, "Amelia Jean", is a song that tells the story of a girl who left her hometown to pursue her dreams. McMahon sings about how he misses her and hopes she finds happiness. The song has a country rock feel, with bass guitar by Bobby "Raw" Anderson.

The eighth track, "Platform Fire", is a song that describes the passion and excitement of being in love. McMahon sings about how he feels like he's on fire when he's with his lover. The song has a pop rock sound, with piano, guitar and drums. The ninth track, "Hostage", is a song that deals with the conflict between love and freedom. McMahon sings about how he feels trapped in a relationship that he can't escape from. The song has a dark tone, with piano, strings and distorted vocals.

The tenth track, "Restless Dream", is a song that reflects on McMahon's near-death experience after his bone marrow transplant. McMahon sings about how he had a dream where he saw his life flash before his eyes. The song is an acoustic ballad, with guitar by Bobby "Raw" Anderson and backing vocals by Brandi Carlile. The eleventh track, "Casting Lines", is a song that closes the album on a hopeful note. McMahon sings about how he wants to move on from his past and start anew. The song has a uplifting sound, with piano, guitar and drums.

People And Things is an album that showcases McMahon's talent as a songwriter and musician. The album is honest, emotional and catchy, with


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