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Crystal Cs4281 Sound Driver For Windows 7

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Crystal Cs4281 Sound Driver For Windows 7

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Recently i got an old Pentium 4 machine from someone who wanted to get rid of it, and since i was looking for older machines to play older games and such, i've installed Windows 98 on it, the Windows part works great so far, but i've started to run into some problems when i wanted to play some late DOS games like Blood, the first problem was that the integrated chipset audio doesn't support "legacy" modes, so, i installed a Crystal CS4281 which i had laying around that has Soundblaster modes on it, under Windows itself it works fine, but with DOS games the results weren't the best ones, while i did get sound this time, it wasn't the result that i was expecting, sounds got crackled under DOS or did not play at all, i was using a VxD driver, so i tried a newer WDM driver in which the sound finally worked properly, but now i lost MIDI/FM Synthesis support in the process, now Windows refused to play MIDI files and the same was with DOS, here are my specs:

If you care for true OPL3 - get an YMF724-based PCI sound card. And please DO use VxD drivers - no card I know of exposes FM synthesis to DOS applications through WDM drivers.If you do not care for OPL3 - get something like an SBLive or an Aureal Vortex2. If you don't really need/want EAX or A3D for Windows gaming, something simpler like a Creative/Ensoniq AudioPCI will do.

I dare guess that the CS4630 is a higher end part compared to the CS4281 due to the numbering. Anyway, I said it is a poor choice for gaming, not that it has bad sound quality. Its VxD drivers don't offer great DOS support (as stated by the OP) and the OPL3 clone is probably bad (as with every Crystal OPL clone I've seen), so not a great choice for DOS gaming. It also does not offer EAX or A3D support, so not the best choice for Windows.

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