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Sengoku Hime 2 English Patch Hon BEST


Sengoku Hime 2 English Patch Hon BEST

as the third great eastern war begins, a group of samurai called the seven swordsmen of the mist, led by yamanami, travel to kyushu. their mission is to rescue princess hime of chikuzen, who is being held captive by the bon, led by nogura, in order to prevent her from falling into bon hands. one of the warriors is called sengoku hime, who is the daughter of a pirate who had served under nogura. she is the most skilled archer among them, and as a child she trained under nogura, who was impressed with her skill. sengoku hime uses her archery skill to kill many enemies, but she is forced to leave the seven swordsmen of the mist when they have to go to war with the bon in the bon war.

upon the bon invasion of kyushu, they are met by the pirates of iwa, led by mifune, who have raided the bon fleet. sengoku hime goes with them to fight the bon and assist the pirates in their actions. the pirates are fighting the bon in an attempt to keep the bon from capturing any of the islands, including kyushu.

the oda clan (1542 1603) was a clan of the japanese feudal period, ruled by the oda clan during the sengoku period. they were founded by oda nobunaga (15341582) and built up a large army of samurai. as the oda clan grew in power, they began to expand their territory. they fought many wars with the takeda and hideyoshi. in 1543, one of the oda clan defeated the satake clan, which became the basis of the clan's expansion. after a long war, the oda clan killed ishida mitsunari, who was a powerful daimyo at the time. as a result, the oda clan took kyushu, okinawa, and a part of the mainland. however, after the war, the ikkō-ikki rebellion broke out, and the oda clan lost kyushu. the oda clan also entered a war with the uesugi clan, which led to the uesugi clan's downfall. in 1560, the oda clan took akita. 3d9ccd7d82


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