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Mark Warner Takes On Big Tech And Russian Spies

More broadly, many in national security circles are concerned the legislation will harm America in the race for cyber dominance against China by hobbling U.S. tech companies that have poured huge sums of money into research and development efforts with national security implications. The legislation regulates big tech in many ways, including by preventing dominant tech platforms Meta, Google, Apple and Amazon from giving preferential treatment to their own services in marketplaces they operate.

Mark Warner Takes on Big Tech and Russian Spies


In 2011, Warner voted for the four-year extension of the USA PATRIOT Act. Also in 2011, he engaged Northern Virginia's high-tech community in a pro bono effort to correct burial mistakes and other U.S. Army management deficiencies at Arlington National Cemetery.[65] In 2012, he successfully pushed the Navy to improve the substandard military housing in Hampton Roads.[66]

No one begrudges a nation that generates the most innovative ideas and from them develops the best technology. But we cannot tolerate a nation that steals our firepower and the fruits of our brainpower. And this is just what China is doing to achieve its development goals[,] ... pursuing [them] through malign behaviors that exploit features of a free-market economy and an open society like ours ... using a variety of means, ranging from the facially legal to the illicit, including various forms of economic espionage, forced technology transfer, strategic acquisitions, and other, less obvious tactics to advance its economic development at our expense. [Emphasis added.]20


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