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Our Rules & Guidelines

Mehello users come from all backgrounds and our goal is to make our online communities inclusive and safe for everyone to participate. To that end, we’ve introduced some rules and guidelines regarding posts, comments and usernames which must be followed. Please have a look at the policies below.

Modern Office

No Illegal Content

Coworking Space

No Offensive Content

Casual Work Meeting

No Advertising

Be Original

Please refrain from posting or sharing illegal content on our forum, including pirated material or someone else’s original work without proper citation.

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Keep it Clean

Please refrain from deliberately addressing a forum user or users in such a way as to intentionally upset or frustrate them, through inflammatory, off-topic messages, or with the intention of disrupting normal discussions for personal amusement.


Stay Authentic

Our forum is a place for people to share ideas, insights and engaging conversations - not a place to advertise yourself, your business or anything else. Please ensure your posts don’t contain advertisements of any kind before posting.

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Site Rules: Site Rules
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