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Printing emails from Outlook can be done manually or with the help of specialized tools like Cigati PST Converter. To print emails manually, follow these steps:

  1. Open Outlook and select the email you want to print.

  2. Click on "File" and choose "Print" from the menu.

  3. Adjust print settings and click "Print."

However, manual methods pose challenges, such as limited formatting options, potential loss of attachments, and time-consuming processes for multiple emails.

For a more efficient solution, consider using the Cigati PST Converter. This tool simplifies the email printing process by converting Outlook PST files to various formats, including PDF. Follow these steps:

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An emerging trend in custom packaging revolves around the celebration of diversity and inclusivity. Brands are increasingly recognizing the importance of reflecting diverse demographics in their packaging designs. From featuring a range of skin tones to representing various body types and abilities, this trend aims to resonate with a broader audience, fostering a sense of connection and inclusivity. In a globalized world, where consumers seek representation and relatability, brands are using custom packaging to communicate messages of diversity and acceptance.


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