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Free Pm1 Juki

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Free Pm1 Juki

According to the results of the Google Safe Browsing check, the developer's site is safe. Despite this, we recommend checking the downloaded files with any free antivirus software. This program was originally developed by JUKI corporation.

I should mention that this machine is ALSO known for its great free-motion-quilting abilities. I used this machine the one and only time I attempted FMQ on a project, and I can say that it was a (fairly) painless experience. The stitches were hilariously uneven, but I think we can all agree that was due to operator error, rather than the machine.

With the programmable intermediate presser, the height of the lower dead point of the intermediate presser can be set according to the material thickness, thereby not only preventing troubles in sewing such as stitch skipping and thread breakage, but also protecting the sewing product from being damaged by the presser. The height setting can be changed with ease even during sewing. The machine finishes beautiful uniform seams free from stitch skipping even on multiple parts of the material by the ideal combination of the active tension and programmable intermediate presser.

On the PM-1 programming software, a sewing data shape can be checked more precisely as compared with the IP-420.As a result, frequent trial stitching can be directly done in repetition when editing complicated and fine sewing shape data, thereby allowing the operator to create a sewing shape as desired free from stress possibly caused by editing. 1e1e36bf2d


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