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Ultima Forever feels like it has seen more active development and playtesting than the other two games of the series. Like Warband, Ultima Forever received very little in the way of patches and updates throughout its entire lifespan. The game was finally revitalised with a new publisher in FrimaX Games (who had worked on the Paradox Star Craft titles), released as a DRM free Steam title on August 6, 2016. This new version of Ultima Forever is a completely re-edited version, featuring massive changes to the game code and gameplay. Ultima Forever is essentially a re-release of the original Ultima Forever 2001, with a different game setting and story.

Pros: Gameplay and mechanics of Mount & Blade II have always been great, although the game wasn't as epic as it was promised to be. The modern update however made the gameplay much more engaging than it was before, even though the expected graphics didn't change much.Re-Thinking the options that had been cut from the original release will make the game much more replayable.The new AI, which is actually pretty good, will make the battles at least entertaining.Tons of extra stuff.

Cons: Requires a lot of cash. Not only you must have it to buy the DLC but also the game.Very little cut content.The new graphics do not fit the expansion. The game still looks like the original.

I enjoyed the game when it was released on Linux, but when I wanted to play it in Linux natively, it was sold out. And it costs $16. So I bought the game for Mac and Windows which then meant I had to get the Battle for Wesnoth expansion Conquest: Battle for Wesnoth because my only other compatible installable Linux games were Battle for Wesnoth and the wesnoth-specific patches. So I had to pay a bit more for an expansion that would have otherwise been free. 3d9ccd7d82


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